May 21, 2020

Energy AIMS – The Assessment Information Management System

Our platform benefits are below:-

Easier Data Collection & Management

Energy audits require the collection and collation from a wide variety of sources. We can connect with other internet sources such as Utility APIs.

Data Collection and Management

Energy AIMS – The Assessment Information Management System (AIMS)  is responsive allowing direct collection of asset lists and opportunity images from your mobile device.

AIMS lives in the cloud ensuring your data is never lost and always available when you need it.

Structured Opportunity Identification


The Assessment Information Management System (AIMS) platform is structured to satisfy a variety of energy auditing standards including ASHRAE 211p, ISO 50002 and EN 16247.

The application can identify and quantify opportunities within your site network that conform to Utility prescriptive opportunity programs.

AIMS can suggest which opportunities your field operatives should be looking for.


Efficiency Intelligence at your Fingertips


Our dashboarding capability allows for the ready management of assessments and opportunities throughout your site network.

Benchmarking to trusted sources such as ENERGY STAR® is easily performed. Integration with Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx) platforms allows AIMS to act as your single point of reference for efficiency intelligence


Simplified Report Generation


Structured data collection allows for population of report templates, reducing the time associated with producing reports.

Opportunity templates avoid the tedious rewriting of often repeated opportunities. Consistency or reporting can be maintained, regardless of the size or geographic spread of your site network