Become a reseller

AIMS offers significant benefits to service providers and consultants including:

  • Reduction of the cost of service delivery by automating tasks and utilizing low cost staff for necessary but time consuming low value tasks allowing more senior, and more expensive, personnel to focus on opportunity identification, business case development and quality assurance.

  • Enhancement of the bandwidth of your staff by increasing the number of clients than may be managed without compromising the quality of service delivery

  • Reduction of risk by standardizing service delivery, avoiding transcription errors and retaining an auditable data trail.

  • Addition of energy, resource efficiency and decarbonization aspects to your service offerings without costly internal systems development.

On a project-by-project basis, AIMS licensing typically accounts of just 20% of the project value, with 80% converting into billable hours for our resellers. For simpler services, such as ASHRAE Level 1 audits, the portion of billable hours is more than 90%.

Contact us to learn more about our reseller's program and how you can leverage AIMS to expand your service offering, increase revenue and reduce costs.

"The AIMS data system not only brings efficiency to our annual reporting, it is also central to the ESG reporting service NV5 offers to premium commercial building owners and large clients."

Kathy Kelly, Director Sustainability, NV5

"We have used AIMS to develop multiannual capital budgets for our clients to help them manage their deferred maintenance risk. "

Abraham Millet, Lux Energy Group

"We have built our Sustainable Industrial Parks service around AIMS"

Diego Adamson, CEO, HUB2030