AIMS offers a range of modules to help you manage the many data streams associated with energy and resource efficiency and decarbonization efforts. Standalone modules interact to meet the needs of the different actors in an organization's program, adding additional value to your data collection and analysis efforts.

Widen the potential audience for your program's activities and enhance buy-in at every level of your organization. Learn more about AIMS modules below, view our demonstration environment to see then acting in concert. AIMS is fully extendible, so if these modules do not meet your needs, we can work with you to create custom modules. We are always happy to answer any queries, so please contact us.

Establishing performance is the first challenge of any efficiency program. We have a place for your utility, activity, climate and emissions data, allowing you to monitor, target and report the Key Performance Indicators of your organization and supplier/ client network's performance.

AIMS collates asset data including name plate descriptions, documents, annotated images and measurements that allows the life history of an asset to be readily accessed in a single place. Maintain your institutional memory and avoid critical data loss when key facilities management and operational staff retire or move on.

Get your data the way you want it. Our drag and drop PDF report builder allows the creation of proforma and customized reports with your branding. Export all your data to spreadsheet format to use elsewhere. Use our native visualization tools and extensions to make living reports that enhance program engagement .

Document and manage the energy and resource conservation measures of individual sites and you supplier/ client network to standards including ASHRAE 211, ISO 50002 and the IPMVP®. Use our library of opportunity templates associated with asset types to suggest potential projects.

Satisfy ASHRAE 100 by developing multiannual financial plans to provide visibility on your capital and maintenance expenditure needs. Align your energy efficiency and decarbonization efforts with your assets' life cycle to manage deferred maintenance risk while maximizing your savings.

Leverage your project data to set achievable decarbonization targets, establish an internal carbon price and developing a realistic plan to help you achieve your net zero goals. Create portfolio and site specific marginal abatement cost curves using suggested and custom variables.