Asset data is key to developing real projects to improve performance. Assigning consumption, understanding life cycles and asset histories are essential to identify and prioritizing projects to make best use of you available capital. We recognize that collecting all of this data and entering it into AIMS is time consuming and a potential distraction for your operations personnel. We can support you in you data collection and entry efforts. Learn more about of data entry support services.

Easy Data Entry

Upload asset lists from system generated spreadsheets with customized validation for location, system and asset types. Link to Omniclass, Uniformat and Haystack as well as custom tags. Our library of Asset Templates avoids entering repetitive details, while you can create your templates own to meet your unique needs.

AIMS2GO offers offline data collection, annotation of photos and a simplified interface to make collection of asset data in the field initiative while making best use of your mobile device's capabilities.

Interactive drawings

Visualize your assets on schematics and as built drawings. Enhance your institutional memory by ensuring vital knowledge and experience are not lost. View an example of of interactive drawings here. You can also view them in our demonstration environment. We offer a drawing digitization service as part of data entry support service.

Document library

Never lose a manual, submittal or maintenance report again. Search for documents associated with assets by keyword, type and tags.

Contact us if you wish to develop custom connectors to existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), asset management or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).