Project identification & management

Once you understand what you have and what its doing, the next key question is what to do about it. AIMS data structure is in line with ASHRAE 211: 2018, ISO 50002: 2014 and the IPMVP. Leverage our energy and resource efficiency experience with of opportunity templates to suggest efficiency measures to your field operatives. Track and manage opportunity realization across your whole network. Contact us to learn more.

Opportunity Identification

Support your field personnel with our library of Efficiency Opportunity Templates. Linked to asset types, these provide suggestions for potential efficiency measures. Calculation spreadsheets can be included to ensure standardized evaluation of the opportunity. Standardized description text can prompt field personnel as to critical data to be collected. Create your own template to ensure the opportunities you want investigated are suggested to your field assessors.

Project Tracking

AIMS allows portfolio level oversight of opportunity identification and their progress to implementation. AIMS provides a place for all the documentation associated with the procurement process. External service providers can use AIMS without you having to provide access to your sensitive internal systems.

Program Management

Lots of sites to manage, but very few people to do so? AIMS supports portfolio managers to keep visibility of critical aspects of program rollout and delivery. Check out this example of a program management app which blends data to provide visibility of program and project rollout.