AIMS is constantly evolving. Energy and resource efficiency and decarbonization have become central issue and our clients keep pushing our platform and us in new directions. Keep up to date with our latest activities, insights and projects here. If you have an idea of how AIMS could help you please contact us.

AIMS2GO drone mashup!

Integrating AIMS2GO with a mobile device controlled drone opened up new possibilities of asset surveys, even in previously hard to reach places.

Garbage In Garbage Out is a familiar term in computing, however it applies to all forms of analysis. Decarbonization is an engineering problem. Ultimately a knowledge of an organizations processes and assets is required before a coherent net zero plan can be developed. Many top down approaches a destined to fail as they are not cognizant of what is technically feasible or its associated cost. Developing this understanding is an essential first step.

At ASHRAE's annual meeting in Toronto, June 2022, a building risk consultant from Philadelphia stood up and asked a panel of experts, essentially: "when will we have a standard to compare actual building performance to?" Silence ruled for a minute, as no one including the panel members had an answer. I was shocked.

Obligated to break the silence, I walked to the microphone and offered that ASHRAE has created a building performance standard, and that standard has been already adopted in my home state of Washington as governing law. This room full of building owners and their consultants seemed a bit puzzled why that wasn't common knowledge. Not to worry, dear reader - many are finding out now. The rest will find out in coming years. We explain this trend and its impact to you below.

The shortage of skills in energy and resource efficiency is recognized by a wide range of organizations including the US Department of Energy, the European Commission and the United Nations Environment Programe. AIMS is an ideal platform to introduce and engage different audiences on the techniques necessary to realize an effective efficiency program. We are open to collaboration with educational institutions and NGOs who seek to address this critical skills gap.

Collecting asset and opportunity data in the field is challenging enough without having to worry about your internet connection. AIMS2GO is available to test drive for free, just register and take it for a spin. If you like it let us know!

Our device agnostic progressive web application offers a simplified interface for easy offline data collection while retaining features such as predefined asset templates, annotated images and project suggestions from our opportunities template library to support field personnel. Sync with the cloud when you're back in coverage to continue your work in AIMS or produce an on-the-spot PDF report of your initial site findings.

We are very please to announce that we have become an ENERGY STAR® Partner. The ENERGY STAR® program achieves impressive results and is recognized in the industry and the wider public as a trustworthy source of advice for the commercial building, industrial and residential sectors. Becoming an ENERGY STAR® Partner allows us to become part of the wider drive to avoid waste and reduce carbon emissions in a cost effective manner.