Data access & reporting

While data entry can be difficult and time consuming, getting useful, actionable information out can be even more challenging. We have created a number of tools to allow you to create static and dynamic interactive reports and applications for diverse audiences. We can help you customize these reports to reflect your branding as well as develop applications blending your AIMS data with external sources to provide further context and value. Learn more about our reporting module below or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Drag & Drop PDF Creator

Our drag-and-drop PDF creator makes it easy to produce customizable reports in your branding. Check out this example report that uses data entirely contained in AIMS. Adding your or your clients' logo is easy providing for personalized professional reports.

Export to spreadsheet

Want to do it your way? Everything that goes in AIMS can be exported into CSV and spreadsheet format. We even export the formatting of notes!

Native data visualization

Our inbuilt reporting tools allows for the most common reports and visualization tasks to be completed without need for external or third party tools. Utility consumption, KPIs, consum ption by end use, projects value and status are some of our inbuilt reports. Contact us to learn more.

Dynamic Reports & Apps

Blend data from AIMS with external sources to produce task and audience specific applications. Enhance the value of your data collection efforts and expand the audience for the activities and results of your program. View examples of some of the apps we have developed here.