Commercial Buildings

AIMS is actively used to benchmark and monitor, target and report the performance of over 1 million sqft in the United States. Our link to ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager's web services avoids double entry, while maintaining the benefits of the most widely recognized benchmark for commercial buildings in the US, as mandated by many state and municipal governments. In addition to supporting the delivery and reporting of Level 1 and Level 2 energy audits across the world, AIMS has acted as a reporting platform for environmental data and supported program management and delivery.

ESG Reporting

AIMS was used to report the results of energy, water and waste data collection as part of a NASDAQ quoted company's Environmental Social & Governance reporting efforts. The client operates over 100 offices worldwide. The performance of offices was linked to ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager and the resulting weather normalized Energy Use Indicators and Energy Star scores tracked using a customized dashboard.

Deferred Maintenance Risk

AIMS supported the development of a deferred maintenance risk assessment for a private equity healthcare provider operating over 300 sites in the United States. AIMS was used to develop capital budgets for selected sites.


Our JavaScript environment can be used to develop interactive training tool which would also be used to collated condition reports and maintain document trail of proper maintenance. Working on behalf of a private equity facilities management company, the assets and their associated documentation of a premium commercial building of almost 1/2 million sqft in California was collated in AIMS to provide institutional memory. Submittals, manuals and maintenance procedures were all entered into the document library, along with maintenance schedules and instructions.