Activity Data

Utility consumption and activity data are the basis of understanding your organization's energy, water, waste and carbon performance. AIMS has a place for the essential data sources and contextual data that you need to relate consumption to activity and benchmark, target and monitor performance. Learn more about our features below and experience them for yourself by accessing our demonstration environment or contacting us for a personalized tour. We can also help enter your data for you, read more about our data entry service here.

Easy data entry

Our utility consumption and activity data entry interface has the familiar feel of a spreadsheet making data entry a straight forward experience. Larger volumes of data can uploaded via system generated spreadsheets with customized validation.

Automated utility data

Our link with ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager allows for the automated collection of electricity, natural gas and steam cost and consumption data from selected utilities in the United States. Select the map or click here to see the current level of coverage.

Push button climate data

Gelocated up-to-date climate data at the push of a button. Our connection of NASA's POWER API allows for daily Heating and Cooling Degree Days for your sites anywhere in the world without having to leave AIMS.

Not just consumption data

AIMS has a place for your activity and production data to allow you to create the Key Performance Indicators that you need to monitor, target and report performance. Occupancy, units of production, throughput, hours of operation or distance travelled. The only limit to the units that may be created is your needs and imagination.

If you are already using a data aggregation service we will work with you to develop a connector to direct this critical data stream to AIMS without having to duplicate your data collection efforts. See our customization services to learn more.