AIMS2GO Plus a Drone

Anyone who needs to understand a facility needs data - gathered and well organized. The time budget for that gathering seems never to be enough whether they're a facility manager, an energy auditor, a maintenance contract company, or a consulting engineer. It's time consuming, it can be confusing, and it's hard work - but it must be done.

AIMS2GO brings these people all the speed of a pencil and paper, but with FAR better organization and it's legible. It can also leverage mobile device cameras - including a drone connected to that phone.

Rooftop not accessible? A solid mid-grade drone can grab not only that nameplate and overall photo of the air handler that you would otherwise. Better yet - it can provide far better view angles to help you understand a system and put it in context.

Some facilities are older and don't have drawings at all . Google or Bing aerial maps are a great start but at far less resolution than needed to really identify and document systems. There are no such limitations when you're taking the photos from directly above.

Using AIMS2GO? Even better - add those photos in context to the Site, to the Notes, even to a specific Asset. Now you're on the way to really understanding the facility.