We have used the most up-to-date techniques to produce a field data collection mobile application with a user friendly experience . Developed as a Progressive Web Application (PWA), a technology used by some of the largest technology companies in the world , AIMS2GO works on any mobile device without an internet connection.

PWAs are not installed in the same way as mobile applications downloaded from apps stores. Each browser has its own way of integrating a PWA into your device. We have created some tutorials for you to follow based on the browser of your choice. However, once installed, the great AIMS2GO experience is the same, no matter which browser you choose.

Your data is as secure as your device and synchronization to the cloud uses the same Secure Sockets Layer protocols as full featured AIMS.

Quick Start Guide

Learn the basics of AIMS2GO in less than 3 minutes with our Quick Start Guide. While we have simplified the interface as much as possible, this short video will help you get the most out of AIMS2GO

Simplified Interface

A simplified interface makes data collection intuitive but still retains features such as predefined asset templates, annotated images and project suggestions from our opportunities template library. This interface allows less experienced personnel to survey sites quickly and comprehensively with support from their efficiency intelligence assistant.

Easy In - Easy Out

Sync with the cloud when you are back in coverage to back-up your work and integrate your field work with AIMS' full featured tools. Once synced you can produce a PDF on the spot to provide a physical record of the site visit and immediate findings. Check out this example of a PDF report of a site survey. Alternatively export to spreadsheet format to provide the results to non AIMS users.