May 5, 2017


The Assessment Information Management System (AIMS) platform supports the identification, implementation and validation of efficiency opportunities for Commercial Buildings portfolios, industrial supply chains, and service delivery networks.

AIMS is designed to help collect and collate the diverse data sources necessary to realize consumption and cost savings, primarily for energy, but also for water and waste. The application’s data structure is aligned with international standards ensuring the data collected can be readily used to:

  • understand site energy consumption
  • find opportunities
  • establish potential savings and
  • report outcomes

While AIMS can be used by a single site its benefits would be most felt by those seeking to conduct energy and resource efficiency programs across a large number of sites. AIMS is flexible enough to accommodate all types of commercial and industrial sites, regardless of complexity or level of development of asset management and metering capabilities. The organizations most likely to experience the full benefit of AIMS are those responsible for realizing efficiency opportunities across a large number of sites including:

  • Providers of energy services such as consultants and ESCOs
  • Supply Chain focal organisations seeking to promote energy and resource efficiency throughout their supplier network
  • Facilities Managers of buildings portfolios including municipalities, healthcare, education and commercial
  • Operators of Utility efficiency programs
  • Those seeking to leverage existing survey activities, such as Due Diligence property surveys or cost segregation tax studies

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